English and Maths

Do you need better English and Maths skills to achieve your goals? Do you need professional help to achieve a qualification?

Regardless of age or job, a good understanding of basic English and Maths is essential to be effective at work. We can help your employees to improve their Maths and English skills and boost their performance and your productivity, with minimal disruption to the working day.

Our fully trained staff will help you assess your employees' needs so that you can be sure they receive the training that is right for them and your business.

Why take these courses?

Maths Courses

Our maths courses have been specially designed to help improve the number skills most used by your staff. They can brush up on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing or take a fresh look at more challenging problems like percentages, fractions, decimals and measurements.

English Courses

These courses will help your staff feel more confident and comfortable using English in everyday work situations like writing a business letter, filling out forms, speaking to customers or reading and understanding technical documents. Once your staff have completed their training they can take a short test and achieve a national qualification. The tests are last around a hour. They lead to:

Duration and Cost

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